Everyday Sourdough Bread {Emmer, Kamut and Buckwheat}

Sourdough baking will never stop amazing me, the variety of flavors and textures is endless. I'm not a professional baker but I always put all my heart and soul in bread I'm making, I truly love it!

After I got a little bit more confident in sourdough baking (it took many many loafs) I started experimenting and mixing different types of flours. My bread doesn't always have beautiful oven spring, perfect crunchy crust and chewy crumb (mmm...). I often fail, but that never pulls me off, I take a note and I try again. 

There's so many wonderful bakers you can follow on Instagram, so many amazing books and blogs to read, that can guide you through. You simply never stop learning!



This loaf is made from three different flours - Kamut, Emmer and Buckwheat, which also happen to be the three of my favorites. Kamut flour is made from an ancient wheat (Khorasan), it has beautiful nutty flavor, contains higher level of protein than modern wheat, and it's rich in vitamin E. Emmer flour, also known as farro, has also high protein content and it's low in gluten. Buckwheat flour it's not related to wheat at all,it is actually plant which grows just like rhubarb or sorrel. It's gluten free and it contains antioxidant, which apparently helps to prevent heart disease. 

All the flours above are suitable for sourdough making by them self, but combined together make a beautiful, slightly nutty in flavor loaf.



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