Miso Ramen Express II

It's been a while since I had ramen soup at home, or anywhere actually... Most of the restaurants serving ramen don't offer vegetarian or vegan options (yet).

But I must say that I have found quite a few places around the world (even in Japan) that, among their beef broths, offer vegetarian and vegan options too! Some places have even created a vegan soft boiled egg! Wow, IMAGINE THAT!

I want to know the secret to making that magic egg..!

Meanwhile in my kitchen... I just got back from LA, so the fridge was pretty much empty. Ok, you can always find jars filled with pickles, sour kraut and kimchi. I try to use up all the fresh ingredients before every trip I take, I don't like wasting food.

 So what do you eat when there is nothing to eat??  (No, you don't order delivery food laugh)

Magically, there are always noodles in my pantry, and all the ingredient to make my fav spicy miso paste



My soup may look very "poor" to the eye but I promise you it's packed with flavors.

You can add any other toppings you like, such as shiitake mushrooms, tofu, egg, bok choy, scallions etc. My fridge was quite empty indecision I was happy I found some carrots. Yeeee..!


By the way, aren't these bowls gorgeous?  They look like they were made by a Japanese master craftman, but they are actually made by Maria Vasiliou in Athens, Greece! You can see more of her work on her Instagram page


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