Polish Forest Walk, plus Dumplings Recipe

Unfortunately, the last trip to my hometown in Poland was a failure... It was cold, rainy and I got sick. On the second day!  

It has become a tradition that whenever I visit my parents at the end of the summer season I get sick! So, of course, it couldn't be different this time too! 

Feverish with a runny nose and sore throat, I spend most of my days at home, sipping on a hot tea (and eating dumplings, ha!).

Luckily, by the end of my visit, the weather decides to surprise me. I was feeling a lot better by then, so we decided with my Mom to go for a stroll to a  beautiful Polish forest!

My hometown, Hrubieszów, is located in southeastern Poland, and it's surrounded by the most beautiful forests. As a little girl, I used to go to these forests with my parents, to collect mushrooms. Ah, wonderful memories... 


Our personal guide, Mario 


Me, trying to model for my Mom ;-)


We have found the perfect spot for picnic!  {oh, hi...this is ME}


Don't forget to stop and smell the flowers.... 


Are Smurfs around?


Aren't these beautiful?


Country border with Ukraine, and the Bug river.


After our exhausting (not really) stroll we went home to make potato and twaróg* dumplings aka pierogi - stuffed pasta, similar to an Italian ravioli or Chinese dim sum, and they can be boiled or fried.

If you follow my Instagram you know I'm absolutely crazy about dumplings. Making them is easy and fun! 


* Twaróg is a traditional Polish cheese, also known as white cheese, is one of the most loved by Poles, and one of the most original. It is difficult to find exactly the same flavor anywhere else in the world. You can try using curd cheese, or ricotta, but the taste won't be the same. You can find twaróg in eastern European grocery stores. 


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