White Kimchi

White kimchi s a variety of kimchi that’s made without red chili pepper flakes. It's no as popular as its red spicy form, but white kimchi is enjoyed for its mild, refreshing taste.

Originally white kimchi is made without hot seasoning, and it's great for people who have issues with spicy food! I like spicy food so I'm always adding a little bit of very mild green peppers into my white kimchi. But that's optional, and you can skip the peppers if don't like them.



- The green young garlic is just a fabulous ingredient. Get yourself to a farmers market quickly because the season is short!  Once you find it, grab as much as you can, you can use it in tons of recipes.  

- You can also add red and yellow bell peppers to the white kimchi, and pine nuts for an extra crunch. 



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